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Car Chassis

JQB001 - Bodymounts
JQB003 - Sideguards
JQB006 - Chassis Braces
JQB009 - Rear Hub Right
JQB010 - Rear Hub Left
JQB011 - Rear Hub Spacers
JQB013 - Receiver Box
JQB025 - Throttle Linkage Kit
JQB038 - Fueltank Seal
JQB039 - Fueltank Grommet
JQB046 - Servo Saver Posts
JQB073 - 4.3mm Hex with Nut
JQB082 - Front Shock Tower
JQB083 - Rear Shock Tower
JQB086 - Long Ackermann Plate. stock
JQB087 - Servo Saver Top Plate
JQB089 - Engine Mount Top
JQB102 - Linkage Collars. 2 Big. 2 Small
JQB187 - Steel Shock Holder
JQB249 - Lightweight Aluminium Shock Holder (4pcs Black)
JQB909 - Rear Hub Right
JQS024 - THE Plastic Upgrade Kit
XR301189 - Flexible Top Deck 1/12
XR302093 - Ultra-Tune Shock Tower Front
XR306140 - Battery Holder Mount
XR333080 - Graphite Shock Tower Rear 3mm
XR351300 - Body Post XB8
XR351301 - XB808 Body Posts
XR351310 - Foam Washer for Body Posts (4)
XR352331 - Alu Front Upper Arm Holder
XR353089 - Composite Rear Brace
XR353090 - Alu Rear Shock Tower - CNC
XR353559 - Composite Rear Wing
XR353561 - Alu Rear Wing Shim (2Pcs)
XR358680 - Fuel Tank Holders
XR358685 - Fuel Tank Mounting Grommet
XR371180 - Fiberglass T-Bar 1.5mm - Wide
XR376360 - Alu Antenna Holder Mount (2)
XR384020 - Shim For Brake Holder
XR388720 - Exhaust Wire Mount Set

MV MV21012 Shock Tower, Body Post & Top Deck Set

Shock Tower, Body Post & Top Deck Set

XR XR351301 XB808 Body Posts

XB808 Body Posts


Carisma GT14B Hinge Pin Brace / Shock Tower Support

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